Aawwuuooo Shakti Kapoor Funny photo comments for FB

Shakti Kapoor funny hindi comment images
Shakti Kapoor a comedy actor of Hindi cinema who has a famous dialogue "Aaawuuooo".
Funny Celebrity comment images for Facebook. 

Mai to dar gaya Hindi photo comment for FB

cool boy comment image
Cute pic of a funny boy saying in Hindi that "Mai to darr gaya" which means I got scared by you.

Funniest of all troll photo comment for FB with computer

troll photo comments
Funny troll face showing that he is about to break the computer before him.
After seeing the facebook post he's just annoyed too much that he wants to destroy his laptop.

Trying to burn Gas Cylinder- funny pic Sab hat jao

sab hat jao photo comment
In this funny photo, chinese man are trying to burn Gas Cylinder.
Saying "Sab Hat Jao" Aaj kuch Tufaani karte hein in Hindi.

Fake Links- English Funny Photo Comment For FB

Funny english comment image
Funny photo of a cartoon depicting that there are Fake Links Everywhere on internet.
Funny photo comments in English - Fake Links Everywhere.
Funny cartoon comment images & pics

Narinder Modi Funny Photo comments for FB (Gaur Se dekho Feku)

Narinder Modi funny feku
Funniest picture in Indian politics- Narinder Modi the Feku Man.
Gaur se dekhiye is Feku Ko- Ho sakta hai ye aapke shehar mai kisi speech ke dauraan fek raha ho. Aur aap lapet bhi jaaye.
Funny hindi comment images.

Funny Karan Arjun aayenge Bakwas band karne - Hindi photo comment for FB

hindi photo comment bakwas band kar
Image of a hindi film celebrity from film Karan Arjun saying-  Teri bakwas band karne warna mere Karan Arjun aayenge.
Funny Hindi comment images for Facebook.

Penalty for Barcelona I don't Like post - English Photo comment

photo comment in english
Refree of Football gives penalty to Barcelona in air.
He doesn't like this post so he's charging barcelona for that. It is an extreme funny photo which can be used a funny photo comment in English for Facebook.

Funny Irfan Khan comment image for FB

Funny Irfan khan
Irfan khan. Aray bhaiyaa kya hai.. kya kya hai. Hindi photo comment. In this Irfan Khan is saying "Tu beta ek din pakka pitega".
Celebrity funny photos.
Funny Irfan khan photo comments for Facebook.

Alok Nath saying "Rajnikanth Mar gaya kya" in Funny comment image

Rajnikanth funny photo
Funny photo of Alok Nath photo comments for Facebook.
Alok nath saying "Rajnikanth Mar gaya kya". Hindi comment images for Facebook.

Wo dekho Behan ka Loda Hindi comment photo

Behan Ka loda
Funny photo from Koi mil gaya hindi film in which actor is showing a sikh child saying "Wo dekho Behan Ka loda"
Hindi funniest photo comments for Facebook.

Facebook Page Admins Wife with his children

page admin wife
Funny photo of a Woman with 3 children named as Admins wife for facebookcommentphoto.com

CID trolled, ACP Hindi photo comment for FB

ACP pradhyman photo comment
Funny ACP saying "Ye to phone hai, Hume to laga fridge hai".
CID trolled in this image. Funny Troll photo comment of CID Team.

Alok nath - Mai Like Ni Kanyadan Karunga Photo comment for FB

Hindi photo comment of Alok Nath
Alok nath memes comment images. Alok nath has been trolled here in this photo. He is saying in hindi "Aray mein like nahi, mai to kanyadan karunga".
Kanyadan Images of Alok nath. Funny photo comments for Facebook.

Love is in the Air - Funny troll photo

troll image funny
Funny troll image showing Lays packet saying that Love is in the Air. That means that Love is in the Lays packet. Funny photo comments for Facebook.

Locate the Fuck- I can't see it. English comment image

English comment photo
Army man saying in English Language. "Negative Sir" - I can't locate any fucks here. He is looking through binoculars. It feels too funny to see that he is locating fucks.
Funny comment photos for Facebook.

Bas bi kar pagle Rulayega kya Funny Hindi photo comment

Funny hindi comemnt images
English Man saying "Bas bhi kar Pagle ab rulayega kya". He is crying selflessly in a funny style.
Funny Hindi comment images for Facebook. Photo comments for FB.

Cute Baby saying Halaami funny photo comment

cutest baby funny
Cutest funny baby in a photo comment for Facebook.
Cute boy is saying "Halaami" in hindi.

Admins Wife in a Funniest style comment image

Wife of Admin
Facebook Page admins photo comment for FB.
Admins wife very untidy girl with sunglasses/

Funny Mark Zukerberg photo comments for FB.

Mark Zukerberg
Why the Fuck did I introduce picture comments on FB.
Facebook Owner Mark Zukerberg saying in a funny style that he is depressed to launch picture comments on fb. Funny Engineer.

Arvind Kejriwal Funny photo comment for Facebook

Delhi CM funny photo
Funny Hindi photo comment of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal saying - Isko Konsi Gaali du.
Gaali Funny comment images.
Indian politics funny photos.

Meera Kumar Speaker Funny photo comment for FB

gana sunne de meera kumar
Meera kumar - Indian Assembly speaker saying in a funny hindi language - " tu chup kar bc, mujhe gaane sunney de".
Funniest politics photo comments for Facebook in Hindi.

Chatur- Post Ka balatkaar kar diya, Funny Photo

hindi film balatkar funny
Funniest comment photo of Chatur from 3 idiots.
Tunay iss post ka balatkaar kar diya. Funny hindi comment photo for Facebook.

Middle Finger like by Funny Nana Patekar - Photo comment

middle finger salute by Nana patekar
Funniest Nana Patekar comment images.
Ye le mera like- He is saying while showing his middle finger up in the air.
He is the best comedian & actor in India. Facebook comment photo.com

Alok nath funniest kanyadan - Old pics of Alok comment images

old funny pics of alok nath
Alok nath hindi photo comments for FB.
Tu ladki ka baap ho ya nana, Kanyadan to mai hi karunga.
Funny Kanyadan comment images. Best of Indian comment photos.

Obama funny Hindi comment image- Ye bata pitna hai

ye bata pitna hai tujhe
Funniest photo comment of Barak obama. He is saying in Hindi - Ye bata tu, Pitna hai tujhe.
Hindi comment images for Facebook.
Obama in a deep thought thinking in a hindi language.

Add Me I am blocked on Facebook

Add me
It has become a common talk on Facebook.
Add me since I am blocked.

Certified Chutiya Rahul Gandhi Congress Funny photo

Chutia Rahul Gandhi
Congress Chutiya Ministers photos.
Funny Rahul Gandhi in a Hindi photo comment for Facebook.
Rahul is a ISO 9001 certified Chutia in India. Crazy political parties funny photo comments.

Funny computer programmer photo comments for Facebook

funny programmer
Funnies computer programmer fighting with superman.
Programmer wins this competition in funny photo comment for Facebook.

I can't get a job Troll photo comment face

troll funny face
Best of the troll photo comment for FB.
I can't get a job because I don't have experience.
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