Funny Dekh Bhai Memes - Ye Har baat pe party party

Dekh bhai har baat pe party party mat kar
Photo comments for Facebook - Dekh Bhai Ye har baat pe party party de Mat kiya kar.
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Dekh Bhai Thand Hai, Aaj nahi nahaunga

Dekh bhai meme troll
Dekh Bhai funny images.
Dekho Bhai Thand hai - Aaj mai nahi nahaunga funny photo for comments & trolls.
Dekh Bhai memes and trolls.

Funny Dekh Bhai Images, Memes for FB

Dekh bhai memes tu 13 dekh
Dekh Bhai Memes for FB comment photos.
Dekh Bhai Tu 13 (tera) Dekh Crazy Hindi pics.

Troll Picture - That Joke, I need two guns to kill myself

Troll funny photo guns to kill
I am going to need two guns to kill myself. Funny comment images for Facebook. English photo comments troll image in which a boy uses two guns to kill himself.

Jaa Nahi Hasunga Funny Hindi photo comment for Facebook

Funny smile hindi photo comments for facebook
Jaa mai teri baat pe nahi hansunga. Funniest, crazy photo comments for Facebook.

Alok nath funny joke Sanskaar photo "Kya apke toothpaste mai namak hai"

That girl is saying "Kya apke toothpaste mai namak hai". Alok nath replys "Nahi beti mere toothpaste mai Sanskaar hein.
Funniest troll jokes of Alok nath. Sanskaar funny photo comments for Facebook.
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Funny New Punjabi Photo comment, meme for FB - Chalpa Salea

Funny punjabi mems and photo comments
Cute small punjabi baby folding hands before a Electricity meter and telling it to turn on. In Punjabi he's saying "Chalpe salea"- funniest punjabi photo comment for facebook.

Nachho be chutiyo - Funny troll image

nacch chutiye
Toh ! Nachh be chutiya funny troll image for Facebook comment images.

Abhishek Bacchan funny troll images - photo comments for Facebook

abhishek bacchan funny photo comment
Abhishek Baccha - son of famous Indian actor Amitabh bacchan is very famous for the trolls that have been spread around the internet.
He's saying in a funny style in this image "joke mare" - that if you have cracked the joke.

Dhinka Chika - Funny Indian Troll Image

Indian troll images funny dhinka chika
Funniest Indian Troll Image that I have ever seen.
Dhinka Chika Dhinka Chika.
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Irfan Khan - Funny Hindi Celebrity New photo comments for Facebook

funny irfan khan bollywood celebrity
Imran khan is a quite serious actor. In this funny photo comment he is saying in a serious mood "TU JALDI UPAR JAYEGA BETA!!! in Hindi.
He's quite versatile actor and very famous in India.

New GHANTA - Funny Indian photo comment

Ghanta image hindi photo comment
Funny picture of a Ghanta sign which is very famous in India.
It is mostly used with the famous proverb "Ghanta Ukhaad lega" in Hindi.

Doob Ke mar jao - Cute Child photo comments for Facebook

cute child in a funny pose in water
Cute & funny child in water saying "Doob ke mar jao".
It has one more proverb known as "chillu bhar pani mai doob maro".
Child is looking cute - You can use this photo comment to make fun with your friends on facebook.
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Saley Kamine ! Funny Amir Khan from 3 idiots

Amir Khan in a Funny photo from the movie 3 idiots where he's saying "Sale Kamine" to chatur.
Mr. Perfectionist usually loves to speak hindi.

Khaamosh!!! Shatrugan Sinha New Celebrity photo comment in Hindi

Shatrugan Sinha funny
Funny hindi photo comments of bollywood now in a new style.
Shatrugan Sinha saying in his favorite style "khaamosh".
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Alok nath photocomment for fb- Hindi sanskaars funny photo

alok nath funny photo comments for facebook
Funny hindi photo comments for facebook. Alok nath saying in movie vikalp - "kya admin bhi vaishnu devi chale ga".
We also have lot of Sanskaars photos of alok nath, kapil sharma, cid in our categories on this site.

Crazy and funny Nana Patekar Style Comment Photo

Yaar tu itna accha hai- nana patekar
Funny Nana Patekar saying "yaar mujhe pata nai tha tu itna accha hai".
Crazy style of Hindi Celebrity Nana.
Famous Nana Patekar in hindi photo comments for Facebook.
In addition you'll also find Rajnikant style, Alok Nath style on this website.

Rajnikant Abey Kabi Like bi kiya kar- Funny Hindi pic

Rajnikant funny photo comment
Funny hindi new photo comments for Facebook. Hindi Celebrity Rajnikant in action.
Rajnikant Jokes saying "Abey Kabi like bhi kiya kar saley.

Salman Khan Funny Hindi comment images for Facebook

salman khan funny photo comment
Salman khan in a funniest & craziest image.
He is saying "Chal ab bol BC!". Funny photocomments for fb.
facebook comment photo .com.
Hindi Celebrities funny photos Salman Khan & Nana patekar.

ACP Pradhyuman- CID Latest Funny photo comments

CID ACP Pradhyuman Latest funny photos
Funny & Craziest FB comment pics of CID Head ACP Pradhyman.
He is saying in a mad way "Beta- Admin Pagal Hogaya hai".
Latest Funny pics from CID serial.

Funny Manmohan singh Hindi photo comments

dil ko chu gaya manmohan
Funniest photo comment  of former Indian Prime Minister.
He's saying "It thouched my heart - Dil ko chu gaya ray"
Manmohan singh Silent photo, robot pics. FB photo comments.

Talk to my HAND - Funny Palak photo comment

comedy nights with kapil palak
Palak from comedy nights with kapil saying Talk to my hand please.
Very famous funny dialog in Kapils show.

Candy crush Jokes - Funny FB Memes of Janta

Candy crush ki request bhejne walo
Funny FB Meme - Candy Crush ki request roz roz bhejne walo, Janta Maaf ni karegi.
Photo comments for Facebook.

Janta Maaf Ni karegi Funny Hindi photo comments

result ate hi marks funny photo
Result aate hi marks poochne walo - Janta maaf ni karegi
Funny Memes for Facebook photo comments.

Don't post this shit - Funny English Photo Comments

Don't post this shit again and again
Funny english photo comments of a cartoon in which it is saying "Don't post this shit again and again on Facebook.
Funny cartoon pics for FB.
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